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James Martin's hassle-free stew and dumplings slow cooker recipe prepared in just 30 minutes

ITV Saturday Morning chef James Martin shares his beef stew recipe and it includes Midlands key ingredient

‘Best way' to ‘properly' store tomatoes to avoid ‘killing the flavour and freshness'

Tomatoes are adored by many Britons for their juicy core but can turn watery if stored incorrectly. Fortunately, it's easy to keep these red fruits at their best by storing them "properly".

'Hearty' chicken casserole recipe is 'packed full of flavour' - just like a Sunday roast

Casseroles are quick and comforting when made from scratch but many can get boring with the same plain flavours. One cooking expert has crafted the perfect recipe with a surprising ingredient, balsamic vinegar, to add a unique edge that rivals a roast dinner.

Cheddar-crusted cod with layered potatoes and leeks recipe

This is luxurious, despite being a one-pot dish. It’s absolutely good enough to cook for friends on a Saturday night. Timings Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 1 hour 15 minutes Serves 4 Ingredients 1kg potatoes, peeled 2 large leeks, coarse outer leaves and green ends removed, trimmed and very finely sliced 1 large garlic clove, very finely sliced ...

I ate pizza made by the world's best pizza chef - this is what it was like

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone (or at least most people) loves a good slice of pizza. Be it a crappy supermarket pizza that you fling in your oven at the end of a busy work day, a hangover deep dish dripping in grease, or a carefully crafted gastronomical delight in Naples itself, there's something about the combination of dou...

She slices potatoes and puts them in muffin tins: The result is fantastic

The result is fantastic.

How to make Bircher muesli

Bircher muesli is one of our favourite meals to start the day and can be adapted to suit whatever fruits and nuts you have to hand.

Ben & Jerry's drops new (vegan) flavour

Five scoops, please.

Store cheese the 'correct' way 'just like they do in France' - and no fridge required

Cheese comes in varying textures and flavours, all of which have their own unique scent. Because of this, many people believe the fridge is the best place for this dairy product, but it might not be the case according to experts.

‘Changed my life!' Clever way to make fried eggs without frying - only takes three minutes

Fried eggs are a huge favourite among Britons, but they can be a hassle to make on the hob. Luckily, there is a way to make them in less time and healthier.

I removed kettle limescale using a 25p cupboard essential to reduce ‘running costs'

Limescale in kettles is caused by hard water, and it often shows up as a white chalky substance at the bottom of the appliance. I recently tackled the limescale in my kettle with a cupboard essential to see if it would work.

This is why you should be eating more broccoli (and delicious ways to cook it)

Perfectly, every single time

British sparkling winemakers will enjoy largest EVER harvest in 2023 - growing 8% from last year

Britain's sparkling wine makers are toasting a vintage year as they have announced their biggest ever grape harvest.

Avoid storing your eggs in one part of the fridge or risk letting them rot 'more quickly'

Eggs should be protected from fluctuations in temperature if you want to prolong their freshness, according to experts.

Ambleside man's journey from kitchen assistant to head chef

In just five years, an Ambleside man has journeyed from kitchen assistant to head chef.

How to make aubergine curry

This flavourful, make-ahead curry will be popular with vegetarian guests and keeps well in the freezer.

Want to try batch cooking to save money? Here’s how to master it

Want to try batch cooking to save money? Here’s how to master it - Stretch your budget, boost your health and minimise food waste…

Great British Bake-Off review: 'Nice' is no longer a dirty word, thanks to Alison Hammond and the Bake-Off tent

'Nice' is an under-rated quality. To be nice is to be a bit wishy-washy, a bit beige, a bit 'meh'.

I made Mary Berry's ‘easiest ever' chocolate sponge cake and it was delicious - recipe

Mary Berry has shared lots of cake recipes throughout her career, including her delicious classic chocolate cake. I recently followed the recipe and sampled the cake to see if it was simple yet tasty.

‘Simple' roast potatoes recipe with garlic butter have one key tip to make extra crispy

Roast potatoes are an essential part of any Sunday dinner, and one chef has explained he has two very simple tips for not only making roasties extra crunchy but also packed with flavour with his garlic butter.

Aldi shoppers go gravy for its Sunday roast filled Yorkshires as they return to stores

Aldi has revolutionised the nation’s comfort dinner experience with the return of its Inspired Cuisine Filled Yorkshire Puddings (£2.99, 400g/380g).

Have you been to the shop selling the 'finest ales, beers and wines'?

First Bus has encourage people to try out The Triangle in Shipley.

Food hygiene ratings handed to four Cornwall establishments

New food hygiene ratings have been awarded to four of Cornwall’s establishments, the Food Standards Agency’s website shows.

Cooking expert's pumpkin soup recipe is 'deliciously irresistible' and uses leftovers

Soup is a staple meal in the colder months and there's nothing more seasonal than making it with pumpkins during autumn. One flavour expert has a quick and simple recipe anyone can try at home.

Cook ‘tender and juicy' chicken ‘bursting with flavour' in your air fryer - it's ‘so easy'

Chicken breasts are the easiest cut of meat to cook, and equally the most difficult. The all-white meat is very lean and can dry out easily. Luckily a cooking expert has shared how to keep them "tender and juicy" in the air fryer.

Six delicious foods that you can no longer buy that Brits miss the most

Get ready for some serious nostalgia.

Ainsley Harriott's 'easy' rack of lamb dish which is 'simple yet impressive'

It doesn't take long to prepare - but is a real favourite with the much-loved chef

Keep pumpkins fresh and colourful for up to two months - how to store them explained

Pumpkins are harvested at this time of the year which means now is the time to go buy this delicious autumn staple. You can keep pumpkins fresh for longer and in time for Halloween with these simple food storage tips.

Cadbury product makes first ever appearance on UK shelves - where to buy

A Cadbury product which is popular in Australia has been spotted for the first time on shelves across the UK. Britons can now purchase two new flavours - Cadbury Twirl Bites in caramilk and also strawberry. People across the country took to social media to share the news that the sweet treat, dubbed the "Aus Twirl" in B&M, was now available in Brit...

Glazed coffee loaf cake is 'moreish' without a long list of ingredients - recipe

Coffee cake is universally loved for its unique flavour and this glazed loaf recipe is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

The minimalist Danbury cafe that serves huge milkshakes and hearty salads

I was staggered at the size of my order that I struggled to finish it all

Jamie Oliver's five-ingredient flapjacks are ‘super-easy' and cost just 27p per portion

Flapjacks are a delicious sweet treat made with just a few ingredients. Jamie Oliver shared his "super-easy" recipe online, ready in just 30 minutes.

Super-mum cooks most of Christmas dinner - 100 days early

'I've already cooked most of my Christmas dinner - it means no stress on the day'

Where serves up the best roast dinner in Nottinghamshire? Let us know in our poll

There are plenty of options when it comes to heading out for a roast with the family

Ocktoberfest 2023: Here's 6 places to enjoy a few German beers and sausages in and around Preston

It’s almost October, and that means it’s nearly time for Ocktoberfest.

Top Devon restaurant now does slap-up Sunday dinners

You can feast on slow roast sirloin of Devonshire beef, warm dark chocolate fondant, and more

Derbyshire's winners and losers in new Good Beer Guide 2024

Our Beerhunter says it's flawed, of course, but hard to see how anyone could improve on the format

'I'm a scientist and this is what, and where, I never eat'

Bagged salads, hotel buffets and picnics all need to be approached with extreme caution, according to microbiologist Primrose Freestone

Village butcher with 'secret pie recipes' opens in Huddersfield as customers queue down street

Traditional village butcher had customers queuing out of the door this week

'Going to prison reignited my culinary passion to become a Black fine dining chef'

Nathaniel Mortley is one of a few Black dining chefs in the UK as only six per cent of Michelin-starred restaurants are led by Black and South Asian chefs - he tells us about his culinary journey

Mum makes Christmas dinner three months ahead with Mary Berry meal prep tips

Tahnee Beck says her super-advanced prepping takes all the stress out of making Christmas dinner

The London bar with barely any alcohol set up after 'punters got sick of regular pubs'

Club Soda was first founded by Laura Willoughby back in 2015 as a mindful drinking brand that has since exploded in popularity across the UK

Mary Berry shares her ‘easy and foolproof' recipe for perfectly golden Yorkshire puddings

Yorkshire puddings dripping with gravy are the best part of any roast dinner, and they can easily be made at home in no time with this "foolproof" recipe.

Chef who worked with Gordon Ramsay 'unable to make cup of tea' after paralysing stroke

John Lawson began to suffer headaches and blackouts months after opening his own restaurant.

Sam & Jak, Cirencester: ‘A story of skills and good taste’ – restaurant review

Sam & Jak, 2 Cricklade Street, Cirencester GL7 1JH (01285 704 478). Starters £8-£15, mains £16-£37.50, desserts £5-£8, wines from £27 On a warm, late-summer afternoon, Cirencester feels like a personable place to be. There’s a whole shopping parade here, along Black Jack Street, studded with businesses with which you can be on first-name terms: a coffee shop called Keith’s, a bookshop called Octavia’s, a fine and sturdy butchers, thick-glossed...

I ate the best Sunday roast I've ever had in a restaurant - it was perfection on a plate

The Black Horse in Beamish, County Durham, offered up a Sunday lunch that will last long in the memory

Jamie Oliver shares 'game-changer' hack for the 'best' roast potatoes - they are 'heaven'

Roast potatoes are arguably the most important part of any Sunday roast. Here's how to make them Jamie Oliver style.

I ranked Asda, Aldi, M&S, and Lidl curry sauces and one was like being in a restaurant

We compared the branded Patak's jar sauce to the supermarket own brand versions to see if we could save some money on our weekly shop

Let's Make French Macarons

Let's Make French Macarons In this fun live class you will learn how to make french macarons.Here are a few precautions about macarons: Allergy warning: macarons do contain nuts. Pre caution: make sure to use heat protective oven mitts when using the oven to avoid burns. The macaron shells are gluten free. We will not be making a filling for this c...

We tried the popular bakery where you always come out with more than you went in for

The Crown & Thistle Bakery in Darwen is hugely popular with locals as well as passing tradespeople