Man Who Ate 10,000 Calories a Day Loses 11 Stone in Bid to Become pro Boxer

Tobie Vermeire previously ate two Domino's pizzas a day and 35 Double Decker chocolate bars a week

The veggie proteins that help you burn fat

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: My interest in the health benefits of losing excess weight began in 2012 when I lost the 1st 6lb of gut fat which had tipped me into type 2 diabetes.

16 Of The Best Indian Restaurants To Visit ASAP In 2022

Turn up the heat this Valentine's Day

Top 50 gastropubs: Guinea Grill named as London’s best pub for food

Top 50 gastropubs: Guinea Grill named as London’s best pub for food - Six familiar London names made the list, but just one London spot made the top 10

KitKat Fans, We Have News! Nestlé Is Launching KitKat Bites

KitKat, you just made our day ❤️

These Low-Carb Lunch Recipes Are Satisfying And Guilt-Free

Basil. Avocado. Prawn. Salad. Wraps.

Low Fat Pasta Recipes We Just Can't Get Enough Of

Yes, you really can enjoy a hearty pasta recipe without the fat. You're welcome!

10 ways COVID-19 changed the world

The illness has affected nearly every aspect of life

This Pink Lady Is The Perfect Galentine's Day Cocktail

Or Valentine's Day cocktail, of course...

9 Super-Simple Mocktails for Kids

Mocktails for kids? You betcha.

Tankards and tasting menus: Britain’s best gastropubs for 2022

Good news for everyone who gets irritated by London and cities getting all the attention for their restaurants. The announcement of the 50 best gastropubs in Britain was announced last night and just six are in the capital. Gastropubs are for many the best way to eat out - more relaxed, family-friendly and with drinks beyond a heftily-marked up win...

Share These Cookie Dough Brownies With Someone You Love

They're almost too good.

Burns Night 2022: Readers' 10 best Edinburgh restaurants and pubs serving Burns Night haggis and whisky

These are the best places to order haggis in Edinburgh for Burns Night 2022, as recommended by our readers.

Raymond Blanc says Delia Smith was right to cook with frozen food

Raymond Blanc, 72, says his idol Delia Smith, 80, was 'absolutely right' to encourage people to cook using frozen foods.

Chinese New Year: the stories behind its traditional snacks and goodies

Brits are in a tense debate about what the best chocolate bar is

Sweet-toothed Brits have found themselves in a passionate debate about the nation's favourite chocolate. A viral tweet posted by No Context Brits shared a photo of an array of well-known confectionaries. They prompted the people of Twitter to save just three chocolate bars – and while leftovers in a Christmas Celebration tub may indicate the worse ...

Cancel the croissant, we should all be having a full English

When even The Wolseley, the grand London restaurant fabled for its full English fry-up, served with toast on a rack and a silver-plated tea pot, is in danger of shutting up shop, it’s time to worry. The old-fashioned breakfast – once a home habit or a on-the-way-to-work treat  has fallen out of favour and might never recover. My order is black pudd...

Jimi Famurewa reviews Carousel Wine Bar: Rewriting the rules with stealthy ambition and swagger

Jimi Famurewa reviews Carousel Wine Bar: Rewriting the rules with stealthy ambition and swagger - This irreverent, intensely considered wine bar does away with any lingering notions of provincial, Eighties naffness

Strawberries And Cream Piña Coladas Are Here To Make Your Day

Just when we thought the original Piña Colada couldn't be improved...

Dr MICHAEL MOSLEY: How brunch can be your main meal of the day

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Many, me included, find that skipping breakfast and having a hearty protein-packed brunch later in the morning really sets me up for the day.

BLT Sushi is the Fun Way to Make Your Favorite Sandwich Low-Carb.

One fusion food that is definitely worth trying.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine slashed to £34 in Currys January sale

With almost 70% off, the Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine makes it easy for anyone to whip up barista-style drinks at home

Try growing these easy foods at home

Nothing quite beats the flavour of homegrown produce. As well as helping you cut your grocery bill, growing your own can be a highly satisfying hobby that gives back as much as it takes. Starting a vegetable patch might sound overwhelming, but whether you have endless lawns or a tiny urban balcony, there are plenty of easy-to-grow goodies that require minimal knowledge or effort in order to thrive. Taking the hassle out of gardening, these 25 straightforward foods are sure to help you turn your thumbs green.

Royal Family: The Queen's chef reveals the best way to cook bacon and we've all been cooking it wrong

Makes you wonder how the Queen likes her bacon

Healthy eating habits from around the world

It's easy to be swept away by the latest diet trends and eating habits, which can become very frustrating to follow. However, if you look around the globe, you can find some easy and healthy tips to incorporate into your routine. Be it by slowly enjoying your meal like the French, or adding some turmeric like the Malaysians, there's plenty to get inspired by. Click through this gallery for some healthy eating habits from around the world.

The world's most stunning restaurants you'll want to dine at

While ultimately it all comes down to the food, most of us will look for stunning interiors, exceptional location and incredible ambiance to match the plates set in front of us. We've scoured the globe to bring you some of the world's most incredible dining spaces. From the ultra-modern and ultra-luxe to the romantic and whimsical, these are the world's most beautiful restaurants. If planning to book, check local restrictions – some restaurants might be temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Messages on menus can double number of diners choosing plant-based options

Simple changes to messages on restaurants’ menus can double the frequency of customers choosing plant-based options instead of meat, research on the impact of food on the climate crisis has found. The production, transportation and consumption of food has become an increasing focus for climate researchers, with a recent study finding the food industry accounts for more than a third of the world’s total annual planet-heating emissions. Much of...

Genius ideas for tasty mashed potato toppings

It’s hard to beat a side of intensely creamy, buttery, smooth mashed potato, but we think you can always improve on a classic. Mix things up with sweet potato, upgrade mash with creative toppings, bake in loaded skins or turn the basic recipe into bread, fish cakes or crispy croquettes. Here are some genius ideas that’ll keep everyone coming back for seconds.

Food-Themed Valentine's Day Cards That Will Bring A Smile To Anyone's Face

Especially if they've got a sense of humour!

25 slow cooker secrets

If you're new to a slow cooker, or perhaps it's been hiding at the back of the cupboard for a while, these helpful tips and tricks will ensure you get the most out of this versatile piece of kitchen kit. With tempting recipes to try, from pasta sauces to summer sliders, you'll find it can be used all year round, whatever the weather.

McDonald's Chicken Big Mac UK release date, price and how long it's around explained

The chicken Big Mac is already available on McDonald's menus in Australia - but this is the first time it’s been sold in the UK - and will join 1,300 restaurant menus next week

'Inconsiderate' wedding sparks debate after serving plate of leaves to vegan guests

Accommodating guests' dietary requirements can be stressful, but one wedding has sparked a furious debate after serving a "tragic" vegan option of leaves on a plate. One wedding guest took to Twitter to showcase what one slammed as a "hate crime" against vegans. The plate was half-filled with rocket garnished with a pitiful glaze of balsamic and fi...

You'll never believe why these foods are banned around the world

Some foods are more controversial than you might expect. From milk to mangoes, these are just a few of the unusual products, ingredients and drinks that have been banned or restricted over the years and the stories behind them.

This M&S Chocolate Bar Is So Stuffed With Mini Eggs It's Almost Too Much. Almost…

We think this might be the chunkiest chocolate bar we’ve ever seen.

Royal Family: The Queen’s favourite hot drink revealed and it may come as a surprise

A behavioural expert has analysed what the Royal family’s orders say about them

London’s comeback kids! The restaurants reborn and rising from the ashes post the Covid pandemic

London’s comeback kids! The restaurants reborn and rising from the ashes post the Covid pandemic - They were almost lost forever — now some of the city’s most famous dining rooms are back. Raise a glass, says David Ellis

This £47 Tower air fryer has over 10,000 five-star reviews

The popular Tower T17021 Family Size Air Fryer is on sale for 33 per cent off on Amazon and cooks your favourite foods with up to 99 per cent less oil and 30 per cent quicker.

What to eat before bed if you want a good night’s sleep – and what to avoid

You may have to step away from all your favourite foods unfortunately

Michelin-starred Chef Raymond Blanc praises 'delicious' tinned food

Acclaimed chef Raymond Blanc has risked cooking up a storm by praising 'delicious' tinned and frozen food, while trying to make cooking easier in his new ITV series Simply Raymond Blanc.

Thrifty Or Weird? People Are Repurposing Their Lateral Flow Pipettes As Soy Sauce Containers

We're unsure how to feel about this...

Voices: Booze lubricated Partygate – let’s confront that inconvenient truth

It is not just politicians who need to rethink the culture of alcohol and work. We all do

Chef transforms McDonalds meal into two gourmet dishes with caviar

A chef has transformed a McDonald’s meal into two gourmet dishes in a viral TikTok but viewers are divided. Content creator Danny Kim from Maryland challenged chef Ashish Alfred to give the fast food meal a complete overhaul. Handing him a Filet-O-Fish burger with a side of fries and an apple pie, Danny dared the chef to turn the dish into somethin...

A coffee shop on every corner – how Costa took over the UK

Take a visit to Chelmsford in Essex, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled upon a town which is absolutely obsessed with coffee. Last week the town was revealed as the Costa capital of the UK, home to 25 of the company’s outlets. This works out at roughly one Costa for every 4,000 residents. Pret a Manger, Starbucks, Café Nero, and a wi...

Rylan Clark only used home gym once before body transformation

Rylan Clark - who recently embarked on a big body transformation - has admitted to only using his home gym once before his "buff" change.

Frozen vegetables are just as good as fresh. Why do we still stick our noses up at it?

LIFESTYLE COMMENT: Chef Raymond Blanc has defended Delia Smith’s use of frozen foods in her 2008 cookbook after initially criticising her. Kate Ng explores why we’re still snobby about it

'I compared toast from Hovis, Kingsmill, Warburtons' against Sainsburys and Aldi and one was good enough to fix a hangover'

We tried the UK's top selling bread brands against some supermarket alternatives to see who has the best toast

Our Favourite Ice Makers To Carry Us Through 2022

Who'd say no to a never-ending supply of ice?

Everything You Need To Know About Going Reducetarian

For those of you who want to eat less meat, but not go completely vegetarian.

Is this the death of the posh lunch?

When Restaurant Sat Bains, the two-Michelin-starred dining room by the banks of the Trent in Nottingham, reopens on 26 January, a full refurbishment will not be the only radical change. Any diners who wish to admire the new conservatory, reduced number of covers and more widely spaced tables by daylight will have to come for lunch on Saturday, for ...

Edinburgh's 14 best whisky bars and pubs, according to Google reviews

These are the best whisky bars in Edinburgh, as chosen by online reviews.