12 best plastic-free tea bags to make your brew better for the planet

12 best plastic-free tea bags to make your brew better for the planet - Be kind to the environment – without sacrificing the most important drink of the day

Brits will get through nearly 1,000 burgers in their life - as they enjoy 441 barbeques

Adults will get through 970 burgers, 794 hot dogs, and 838 kebabs in their lifetime - as they enjoy 441 barbeques. A study of 2,000 Brits found they typically host three and attend four cookouts annually.

Benefits of strawberries - 7 reasons why you should enjoy more of the fruit this summer

The benefits of strawberries are numerous, and they're in season right now...

You can get a craft beer box for £8 with 8 cans and it's perfect for summer

You can get a craft beer box for £8 with eight cans including lagers, pale ales and IPAs that are perfect for summer especially when it's barbecue weather

Do you still believe these lies you were told as a kid?

Did an adult ever warn you reading your comic books in the dark would make you go blind, or blame your nasty cold on the fact that you never dress properly for the weather? Many of the well-known facts we learn early on, or well-meaning advice we’re given as kids, are actually not true. How many of these common myths do you still believe?

67 Fun Date Ideas

Skip the old "dinner and a movie" for something original.

Woman loses weight in 5 days with 'delicious' but 'challenging' diet plan - transformation

A WOMAN managed to lose weight and an impressive five centimetres off her waist by following a five-day juice cleanse.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub vs. Weber iGrill 3: Which is right for your BBQ?

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub and the Weber Grill 3 are connected gadgets that take the guesswork out of grilling. Because each device is Bluetooth-enabled, you're able to monitor your food's doneness through an app and you'll be notified when it's time to take your perfectly-cooked food off the grill.

Qatar 2022: The typical dishes you must try in the host country of the upcoming FIFA World Cup

One of the great opportunities to attend an edition of the FIFA World Cup is to enjoy the gastronomy of the host country. With Qatar 2022 fast approaching, these are the most delicious local dishes you should try. A FIFA World Cup transcends barriers of time, space and even culture. It is an opportunity not only to recreate at a leisure level, but to open oneself to enjoy an event that provides chances to enrapture the senses, such as taste, for...

Is Heinz still king of the kitchen cupboard? I did a taste test to find out

So this is what it has come to: one corporate overlord battling another for control of… beans. US conglomerate Kraft Heinz is apparently seeking to hike the price of our nation’s beloved baked beans, in response to rising prices in the food supply chain. British supermarket chain Tesco has resisted, citing “unjustifiable prices increases” for its c...

Instead of red: 20 Pasta sauces that aren’t marinara

Don’t get us wrong, we love classic tomato marinara sauce, but once in a while you just want to switch things up—especially when you eat pasta as much as we do.

Barbecue warning: How just a tiny drop of raw meat juice can spoil the fun

It's that time of year again where we feel that irrestible urge to don an apron and indulge in a spot of outdoor cooking. But it can all go horribly wrong if you don't follow a few basic guidelines

Chicken Curry Bao

For the love of Bao!

19 Best Vegan Protein Powders To Help You Build Muscle and Smash Your Goals

Plus, three incredibly tasty vegan protein smoothies you can make right now

DEAL OF THE DAY: Amazon slashes 38% off wine, beer & spirits in early Prime Day deal

AMAZON is running the perfect sale for summertime and discounting popular gins, beers, wines and more with this early Prime Day offer. Perfect for gatherings with friends, shop the deals now before they expire.

The worst food for your teeth

Even though the number of cavities has decreased significantly in recent decades, a large number of people, particularly children and adolescents, still suffer from this health issue. To prevent tooth decay, your dentist has surely told you to brush your teeth frequently and go to the dentist on a regular basis. But did you know that diet also plays a big role in determining your oral health? Here’s a roundup of the worst food for your teeth.

Your Ultimate Guide To Cooking Shellfish This Summer

All it takes is a little know-how, and some love.

How to organize a small kitchen: 10 inventive ways to maximize your space

Follow these expert tips on how to organize a small kitchen to make the most of every inch of space available

Nutella Beignets


These are the top 50 office gripes - including IT issues, smelly toilets and rotten food in the fridge

A survey of 2,000 office-based staff found many also loathe the lack of natural light, colleagues sucking up to the boss, and people rambling on about their weekend plans – even though they don’t care. But 39 per cent have been quick to make their feelings known by either leaving a passive-aggressive note or sending an office-wide email. The last p...

22 Photos of Celebrities Eating Junk Food in Fancy Clothes

Burgers and pizza in hand? Relatable. Designer gowns? Not so much.

Budget bites: Take an affordable trip to Greece from your kitchen

Budget bites: Take an affordable trip to Greece from your kitchen - INDYEATS JULY 2022: In a new column, we take the stress out of cooking during the cost of living crisis, writes Hannah Twiggs. First stop: Greece

A sneak peek inside the first Tim Hortons in London

What to expect from the launch on Friday.

These super luxury foods used to be really cheap

These foods have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Many of them were once so cheap, they had to be given away. We explain how their fortunes changed and look at how some of today’s cheaper foods are set to become a lot more costly.

Aloo Paratha Are Stuffed With Potatoes And Our Double Carb Dreams Have Come True

Potato stuffed breads are our jam

Bunny Chow

Bread = bowl

McDonald's food shortages: How your meal could be impacted

MCDONALD'S lovers may get a nasty surprise next time they visit their favourite fast-food restaurant - there is a shortage of ingredients at several of its outlets. But could your order be affected?

William Sitwell reviews Lerpwl, Liverpool: ‘Clever, high-end food’

The young lad in chef’s whites was talking to me. I listened intently. If you eat in smart places you’ll be aware of the new ascent of culinary man. Once upon a time a waiter brought you a dish. ‘Steak and chips?’ they said, and placed it in front of you. Then, as the beast began to stand upright, having placed the dish down, they added, ‘Enjoy.’ N...

Dr Michael Mosley: The ‘powerful' drink that can lower dementia risk - ‘better brain'

DEMENTIA represents a daunting prospect. However, plenty of research suggests that certain risk factors for this mind-robbing condition might be modifiable. Dr Michael Mosley shares one hot drink which could see your risk of the syndrome fall.

Caffeine addiction: Spot the tell-tale signs you're drinking too much

It may be a mild stimulant that many of rely on to get us through the day, but too much of it can cause real health problems. Are you on the right side of a sensible daily amount?

21 of the best foods for weight loss, plus how to add them to your diet

The best foods for weight loss will also improve your overall health

Co-op forced to recall popular protein snack because of undeclared ingredient

The supermarket have issues an urgent recall of the product across all of their stores

Try this four-course Italian menu at your next dinner party

Try this four-course Italian menu at your next dinner party - INDYEATS JULY 2022: If anyone knows good Italian food, it’s Covent Garden’s Bancone. Here’s three recipes from their new menu

5 tips for an organised fridge

Expert advice from the GH cookery team...

How to live longer? Expert shares Sardinia's diet secrets - where people live beyond 100

THE COUNTRY one lives in impacts the way they live their life due to various factors such as environment, culture, and food. Dan Buettner decided to travel around the world to find the countries, or locations, where people live longer and better. Sardinia was one of these places. How do people there stay so healthy?

Free doughnuts are on the menu at Hatchet Harry's in Newcastle for today only

The new venture dreamed up during lockdown and expanded using social media gets its second high street shop

Newcastle Ladies Day timings, tickets and entertainment guide to July's big event

What time does Ladies Day start and finish at Newcastle Racecourse? Here is what you need to know to enjoy the day of racing, entertainment and after parties

Foraging and preserving - Blackfriars Newcastle restaurant finds inventive ways to keep costs down

Boss of historic Newcastle restaurant describes changes in place which are protecting customers from price hikes

L’Abeille: NYC’s new fine dining hotspot is bringing understated glamour to Tribeca

L’Abeille: NYC’s new fine dining hotspot is bringing understated glamour to Tribeca - After a special-occasion spot in New York’s cooler downtown? With a relaxed vibe, delicate, artsy creations and a dash of Japanese zen, l’Abeille nails the brief, says Lucy Thackray

11 of the most common diet myths, busted by Professor Tim Spector

‘The best way to lose weight, believe me, is to eat less,” said Boris Johnson as he defended the Government’s food strategy after proposals for a salt and sugar tax were ignored. With that “believe me”, the Prime Minister hit a nerve for serial dieters: which parts of the vast smorgasbord of advice out there should we be following to ensure our hea...

Note Dublin: ‘Bright-eyed enthusiasm’ – restaurant review

Note Dublin, 26 Fenian Street, Dublin D02 FX09. Snacks and small plates €4-€13, larger plates €17-€32, desserts €7-€9, wines from €30 One of the things I like about going to restaurants is the opportunity to choose stuff: not just the venue, or the time you’ll visit, but the things you’re going to eat once you get there. Early on in my search to find the place in Dublin that captures what’s going on there right now, to surf the butter-crested...

Make Delicious-Tasting Coffee With These Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines

For the real coffee enthusiasts.

Mice activity found at 30-year-old Indian restaurant near Regent's Park during latest hygiene inspection

Mumtaz Restaurant was given a food hygiene rating of two in their most recent inspection

Arthritis symptoms: 3 best drinks proven to help reduce painful inflammation

Arthritis is a painful condition caused by high levels of inflammation in the body. Certain drinks, however, are thought to able able to reduce this inflammation and help with symptoms

Starbucks Just Revealed Two New Frappuccinos For Summer

There's a banana split flavour, people... 🍌

How one sandwich made me question every fine-dining meal I’d ever had

How one sandwich made me question every fine-dining meal I’d ever had - INDYEATS JULY 2022: Sean Russell’s first encounter with a Cubanos sandwich left him teary-eyed and confused

Race day dos and don’ts

Ensure race day goes smoothly, with our guide of what to do (and not do!) when you hit that start line

Cynthia Shanmugalingam’s ‘Rambutan’ is a deeply personal tribute to Sri Lanka

Cynthia Shanmugalingam’s ‘Rambutan’ is a deeply personal tribute to Sri Lanka - INDYEATS JULY 2022: Hannah Twiggs chats to Cynthia Shanmugalingam about her highly praised debut ‘Rambutan’

25 of Julia Child's most famous dishes

While Julia Child's repertoire is quite expansive, there are a few of her recipes that have ageless popularity. Here are 25 of the cooking icon's most famous dishes, with a couple of different takes from modern-day food hubs.

What Every Guy Should Know About Pre-Workout Supplements

Here's everything you need to know, from the benefits to the best pre-workout supplements you can buy