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Bake Off: The Professionals judge Cherish Finden is opening a Singaporean bakery and you can get to it on the Elizabeth Line

The Bake Off: The Professionals judge is opening up her new patisserie in June

Tiny restaurant hidden beneath block of flats named the best in North London where you can eat for less than £20

The menu at the Stoke Newington spot changes every day

Unlikely things that are making you gain weight

Keeping your weight in check can be challenging, as there are a number of ways you can put on the pounds. You can add to the scales by increasing muscle mass, by increasing water and glycogen levels in cells, or most commonly, by putting on fat. We all know that, in order to achieve and keep a healthy weight, we should eat a balanced diet and exercise. But sometimes we seem to be doing everything right and yet, the scale doesn't move, or worse—it moves in the opposite direction. All of a sudden, we're gaining weight and the worst thing is that we don't know why! There is more to gaining weight than simply consuming more calories than you spend. Our bodies are not an exact science, and we surely have to take into consideration many other factors. For example, it's well known that metabolism and hormones also play a key role in weight regulation. Indeed, there are many subtle things that can contribute to weight gain. Some of these things are more evident to us, while some others we might not even be aware of. Did you know that where you live or the cleanliness of your house can influence your weight? Or how about your job or how fast you eat being able to impact your waistline? Like these, there are many other unlikely ways we can gain weight, without even realizing how or why. But the good news is that we've done some research for you, and in this gallery you'll find some valuable information on the most subtle and obscure factors that might be affecting your weight. If you're putting on weight and can't quite figure out why, then you'll probably find the answer in this gallery. Click on and see if any of these apply to you.

Best Chinese restaurants in London, from A. Wong to Etles Uyghur

Best Chinese restaurants in London, from A. Wong to Etles Uyghur - From Sichuan to Shaanxi, Hunan to Yunnan, Cantonese and everything in between

16 Best Beer Glasses Perfect For Lager, Craft Ale And More

Does the shape of your beer glass actually matter?

21 of the best foods for weight loss, plus how to add them to your diet

The best foods for weight loss will also improve your overall health

Blue Apron review

We tested the Blue Apron meal delivery kit to see how the service and meals stacked up against the competition

M&S Is Selling Percy Pig Ice Trays And Just Imagine All Of The Percy Cocktails?!

Life = made. 🐽

Then and now: the amazing history of baked beans

Where did baked beans come from, what’s the history of baked beans from Native American cooking and French bean stew, and how baked beans became a store-cupboard staple.

Mum quits high-powered job in the oil industry to bake bread

She's now living her dream - and is so happy she talks to her loaves.

Pink Lemonade Cheesecake

This cheesecake is a pink-hued dream, inspired by one of our favourite soft drinks - pink lemonade!

Sriracha Butter Asparagus Parcels

These BBQ sriracha butter asparagus parcels are one of THE best ways to cook asparagus. Hot sauce butter combined with garlicky and lemony goodness, perfection!

High cholesterol warning: Coffee impacts level depending on gender, study claims

Drinking three to five cups of coffee per day was linked to higher overall cholesterol levels in men than women, a recent study has claimed - but it all depends on how the coffee is brewed

Pink Lemonade Cheescake

Tastes like summer!

New south Indian restaurant and takeaway set to open on Mapperley high street

They are giving customers 20% off their first order

Aperol Is Setting Up Italian-Inspired Alfresco Bars Across The UK This Summer

There's a revolving scooter bar, people!

Our Favourite Food-Themed Gifts Perfect For Father's Day

We've got gift ideas tailored to every kind of dad!

22 bistro sets you'll love for your garden

We've rounded up designs for every space – and budget.

Nottingham Forest limited edition loaves snapped up after bakery backs team

They sold out within three hours

Can you be intolerant to alcohol?

Is it possible to be intolerant to alcohol? We speak to an expert about the symptoms, causes and treatment of alcohol intolerance

Popular Italian restaurant in Darlington announces closure after more than eight years

Salvo's café, pizzeria, and trattoria on Duke Street, Darlington has closed its doors for good after a 'rollercoaster' ride

16 Top Spiced Rums For Summer Parties

For mojitos, piña coladas, and straight up sipping.

Piña Colada Cheesecake

We've taken one our fave tropical cocktails and turned it into this piña colada dessert. Coconutty goodness all in one cheesecake slice.

Halloumi Burgers

These grilled halloumi burgers are so tasty, and could not be easier to make. Crunchy, salty outer exterior with gooey goodness in the middle.

Keyworth Tavern announces it's closed 'until further notice' in message to customers

It has apologised for the inconvenience

Expert warns women are not getting a key pregnancy nutrient

More than 90% of women of pregnancy-age are not getting enough choline, an expert warns. The nutrient is key for brain development in utero and during the first three years of a child's life

'I went to the East London cafe locals love that serves Full English breakfasts bigger than my head and everything was perfect'

The meal barely fit on the table - and it cost a tenner

Here's How To Cook Duck Breast Like A Pro

You'll be a master in no time, we guarantee.

Piña Colada Cheesecake Tastes Like Summer

If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, this cheesecake is for you

Royal etiquette: The bizarre dining traditions Royal Family must follow

MEETING a member of the Royal Family can be a daunting experience and the fear of messing up royal protocols often weighs heavy on the mind. When it comes to dining with a royal, there is a whole host of 'rules' guests must follow, according to an etiquette expert.

The Best Pre-Workout Supplements

Use our expert guide and taste tests to pick the right pre-workout supplement and you’ll make greater gains faster

Chef Tom Kerridge defends visiting food bank for series after being labelled ‘patronising’

The chef urged people to try and understand 'before criticising'.

Slow Cooker Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie

We've died and gone to slow cooker heaven

Eat like royalty at Nottinghamshire pub's Platinum Jubilee dinner cooked by Queen's former chef

There's also a chance to quiz him about working for the royals

Platinum Jubilee party ideas – 21 ways to celebrate, no matter where you live

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee is quickly approaching - don't miss your chance to celebrate

High blood pressure: The key food component to lower your reading - 'essential'

WITH the majority of healthy diets, the key principle relies on eating fruits and vegetables. The reason why this also applies to a blood pressure busting regime is potassium. However, this "essential" food component is not only found in your five a day as other foods also pack this goodie.

American foods that are banned around the world

What Americans eat, and how they eat, seems to be a unique phenomenon, somehow impervious to the health conditions of other countries. One of the most mind-boggling parts is that the US regularly stocks grocery stores with tons of ingredients that consumers don’t know about. Check out this gallery, based on a list from Mic, to see the American foods which are banned around the world.

The ultimate East London pub crawl at the end of the London Underground that takes you to some of the city's best breweries

Blackhorse Beer Mile starts and ends at Blackhorse Road station

25 straightforward tips to make your meals healthier

Preparing nutritious meals can sometimes seem like a rather tricky and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be this way. These easy food prep and cooking hacks will take the hard work out of eating healthily.

Peppercorn Sauce Recipe

Perfect when paired with a delicious steak, this classic sauce is rich and unctuous. Don’t be tempted to use pre-crushed pepper in this, the flavour of freshly ground is so much more aromatic, it’s worth digging out the pestle and mortar to crush your own.

We Can't Get Over The Pasta Portions Served At Kourtney Kardashian's Wedding

"that's how much I eat to check if it's cooked"

Julia Child's real kitchen and other retro designs

From the slick curves and bold hues of the 1940s to the unforgettable designs of the 80s, the humble kitchen has undergone an evolution like no other. Take a step back in time as we explore some of the most iconic and nostalgic retro kitchens from the previous century.

25 of Julia Child's most famous dishes

While Julia Child's repertoire is quite expansive, there are a few of her recipes that have ageless popularity. Here are 25 of the cooking icon's most famous dishes, with a couple of different takes from modern-day food hubs.

Slow Cooker Ribs

We love our trusty slow cooker, and these slow cooker ribs are an absolutely winner. A few ingredients bunged together, braised for hours before being finished off under the grill for that caramelised finish.

Two Gingers Coffee House moving to bigger location with a new name and wine bar

The popular café in Paragon Arcade will be hosting a leaving party on Sunday

Recipes: 30 quick, easy and light weeknight ideas

Cooking doesn't have to be complicated and prepping meals from home means you've got control over exactly what's in your food – perfect if you're watching your weight. Cut down on calories and eat lighter with these easy home-cooked dishes that work for any occasion.

Every Single Food & Drink Launch To Celebrate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Some brands have gone above and beyond!

Mochi doughnuts cafe opens on Broad Street in Nottingham

The cafe has some unusual flavours to try

From grape to glass: an intro to the fantastic world of wine

The world of wine is fascinating but can often be intimidating. From the basics of winemaking to the correct temperature for storing and serving, our top tips will help you navigate it with ease.

Pub owner lives off £1 for food per day to highlight cost of living crisis

Pub owner lives off £1 for food per day to highlight cost of living crisis - Craig Harker says people are ‘living, but not surviving’