Do The Tesco Strikes Mean The Supermarket Will Run Out Of Christmas Supplies?

More than half of Tesco’s 22 distribution centres are facing disruption ahead of the Christmas period.

The world's giant, record-breaking foods

At some point in the history of humankind, "the bigger the better" became a leading principle in our lives. There have certainly been some crazy and creative Guinness World Records set, but a good chunk of them are solely based on taking normal things and making them much, much bigger. When it comes to food, the results are both delectable and confounding. Click through to see some mouthwatering, yet terrifying photos of world-record-setting foods and dishes from around the world.

The best cheese and wine pairings for Christmas feasting

Ideal for fictional parties or solo snacking.

One of London's most expensive Christmas dinners costs a whopping £225 per person and this is what you get for it

Do you think this is worth the price?

8 Tastiest Chocolate Hampers For Christmas Gifting

We sampled this year’s chocolate hampers to find those worthy of the top spot on your Christmas wishlist…

24 little-known fizzy facts about Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is a drink enjoyed all over the globe and here, we reveal its secrets and some little-known facts.

Super stews to get you through winter

As the days become shorter, it's time to cook comforting, warming food, and what better than a nourishing stew. Simple to make and usually in just one pot, stews make great use of more economical cuts of meat and root vegetables. There's little hands-on time, too. All the work is done by slow cooking.

Almond Biscotti Is What Your Morning Coffee Has Been Missing

Classic almond biscotti is perfect with or without the chocolate.

‘Luxury Christmas for Less’ — everything you need to know about the new consumer series

‘Luxury Christmas for Less' has top tips on everything from champagne and cheese to saving money when buying diamonds.

I used food waste apps to feed myself for a fortnight

THE CLEAN PLATE CLUB: Can food waste apps help us make a difference? Kate Ng investigates just how much food she can rescue from going into the bin

Do you know the amazing story behind baked beans?

Where did baked beans come from, what’s the history of baked beans from Native American cooking and French bean stew, and how baked beans became a store-cupboard staple.

40 best kitchen gadgets to buy this Christmas

The ones that make cooking a joy

Holly Willoughby's epic £3m family house she's fought to extend – see inside

Holly Willoughby house: This Morning star Holly lives her husband Dan Baldwin and their three children, Belle, Harry and Chester – and their huge mansion is going to get even bigger.

Customers 'livid' as popular vegan café 'shut down by landlord overnight'

Staff at the Bonnington Café turned up to work to find they had been evicted

This After Eight Viennetta Would Make The Perfect Alternative Christmas Dessert

Because not everyone likes Christmas pudding, right?

Even Aubergine Haters Can’t Resist These Aubergine “Steak” Frites

Bye bye, beef.

Wendy's to open 5th UK restaurant this week and it's in London

This is the burger chain's third outlet in the capital after Stratford and Croydon

Kitchen trends 2021 – 27 new looks and innovations for cabinets, worktops and more

From cool colors to clever cabinetry, these latest kitchen trends are all bang on trend – but achievable, too

Bring The Holiday Cheer With This Gingerbread Trifle

Cutest Christmas dessert of all time? We think so.

This Gravy Granule Rub Promises Flavoursome Chicken Every. Single. Time.

We're going wild for this hack!

How to veganize your food like a true champ

Many people are trying to reduce their impact on the environment by removing meat from their diets. Veganizing your meals doesn’t have to be complicated or boring. In fact, there are many ways to do it at your own pace. Here are 20 pressure-free tips to help you add more plants to your diet while still eating well.

Commonly mispronounced foods and how to say them

Anyone who has been afraid to order the dish or drink that they really wanted for fear of looking silly will know: there are some food names that are just hard to wrap your tongue around. Whether they’re dishes or cocktails that many people get wrong, or ingredients that you rarely hear said out loud, it can be an edible minefield. Here are some of the most commonly mispronounced foods – and how we should be saying their names.

This Guy Uses Melted Cheese To Seal His Burritos

Er, genius?!🧀 🧀 🧀

Perfectly Roasted Parsnips Complete Any Meal

It's time to recognise the parsnip.

The world's most expensive ingredients cost a fortune

Who doesn’t love to indulge from time to time? Yet these unbelievably expensive foods take luxury to a whole new level. From the record-breaking French fries which cost £146 to the ultra-rare truffles sniffed out by trained pigs, these are the most expensive foods in the world.

This De'Longhi coffee machine with 3,400 five-star reviews is on sale

Looking for a compact, easy-to-use pod machine for under £50? The De'Longhi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee machine is just £48.99 on Amazon - that's better-than-half-price.

Best Chai Tea

Spiced, warming chai tea is a wonderful winter warmer, and we can't get enough of it!

You Can Now Buy Baileys Macarons And They Look So Damn Tasty

They come in three flavours!

How to burn belly fat and get in shape

Losing weight isn’t instant, but follow these steps and you’ll get fitter and lose weight faster than you thought possible

How To Cook Rhubarb, And The Best Rhubarb Recipes

Two words: Rhubarb Crumble.

Mushroom “Calamari” Will Be Your New Favourite Appetiser

A squid-free take on a seafood favourite.

It's Confirmed! Aldi's Selling The Cheapest Christmas Turkey...

Aldi's fresh turkeys will be available from the 19 December.

Thousands of babies ‘being wrongly diagnosed with milk allergies’

Researchers say over-diagnosing cow’s milk allergy is ‘unhelpful’ as real cases could be overlooked

The reason why the London’s BT Tower's revolving restaurant stopped spinning

It was once to coolest place to eat in London

This £12.95 wine aerator will improve the quality of your red wine

The £12.95 Savisto Wine Aerator has received over 2,600 perfect five-star reviews from shoppers who claim it 'makes a wine feel like it's double the price you paid for it'.

Sensation in 'back of your head' could be a warning sign you have high cholesterol

A health body has warned that a sensation in the back of the head may be a warning sign of the - usually symptom-less - health issue of high cholesterol, which can be a real problem

The worst food habits you should ditch forever

We all have some eating habits that are at best unhelpful or unhealthy, and at worst offensive. From peeling a banana the hard way to inadvertently committing a cultural culinary faux pas, it's easier to slip up than you might think. These are the habits you need to break – along with some handy eating hacks to make mealtimes healthier and easier.

This Creamy Polenta and Mushroom Recipe Is Like Comfort In A Bowl

Making this all winter long.

22 of our favourite food box delivery services in 2021

Can't get to the shops? No problem

Morrisons Is Selling A Mint Chocolate Spread That Tastes Like A Mint Aero

There’s also an orange chocolate one on offer!

Does cheese really cause nightmares?

Of all the food theories out there, the idea that cheese causes nightmares is one of the most common. Whether you heard it from your mom as a kid, or from your friends on a night out, in all likelihood you have heard this theory somewhere. The idea that cheese somehow causes people to have nightmares is surprisingly controversial. Some people are absolutely convinced that it's true, while others think it's complete rubbish. So, where do you stand? Check out this gallery to find out whether cheese really does cause nightmares.

Our Perfect Gravy Will Make Your Turkey Taste 1,000 Times Better

Your Thanksgiving deserves only the best.

Aldi Is Selling Biscoff Truffles And They’re All We Want For Christmas

These would make a great present… for yourself.

How to have the most sustainable Christmas ever

How to have the most sustainable Christmas ever - Eco-tinsel, borrowed baubles and shopping hyper-local — this year, make Greta proud. Jessica Benjamin has your ultimate guide to rocking around the (rental) tree

Sticky Toffee Rice Pudding

Forget regular rice pudding - it's all about sticky toffee!

The 12 best restaurants in Edinburgh's New Town, according to Google reviews

These are the best restaurants to visit in Edinburgh’s New Town.

A Vegan Version Of Boursin Is Launching And We Can’t Wait To Smother It On Crackers

And baguettes. And hunks of tiger bread. And everything, tbh…

How to have a sustainable Christmas dinner

Your guide to making sustainable food choices are you stock up on festive fare.

Stop Right There! Hotel Chocolat Has Launched A Coffee Machine

Lo and behold, The Podster... ☕️

Bear claw and other dishes that aren't what they seem

From cat's tongue cookies to monkey bread, watch out for these dishes with misleading monikers