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Greggs fans split over debate on 'correct' way to order a sausage roll

The conversation could go on forever

'I can't believe I'm sharing my pot roast recipe hack - everybody loves it'

This woman claims "everybody loves" her pot roasts thanks to one recipe hack.

Game-changing hack shows we've been cooking rice wrongly - no boiling or steaming

Rice can be tricky to cook as it can end up mushy if cooked incorrectly. Here's how to make it "perfect every time" in the oven.

Lamb rump steaks with chimichurri recipe

Rump of lamb is a great, economical cut as it’s completely boneless. It’s as tender as the rack and saddle, which are the next cuts along the carcass, and you can roast or grill it whole, or cut it into steaks like this which take no time at all to cook. Chimichurri is a simple green sauce, native to Argentina, traditionally served with barbecued m...

3 things we bet you didn’t know you could cook in an air fryer

3 things we bet you didn’t know you could cook in an air fryer - Ovens are sooo 2009. The IndyEats team has compiled a list of some unexcepted food items that you may not know thrive in an air fryer

Tim Hortons offering £1 deluxe donuts to celebrate launch of new flavours

The new flavours sound delicious

Simple way to fix 'watery' cauliflower cheese for a more 'full flavoured' dish - recipe

Cauliflower cheese is one of many popular dishes that complements a Sunday roast but it can taste lacklustre and weak when the sauce goes too watery. A chef has shared their easy fix for a thicker, "full-flavoured" sauce.

Local brewers who are leading 'brown' beer renaissance

Our Beerhunter hears about a couple of new best bitters and recaps a few other Derbyshire favourites

Jamie Oliver lists top foods you need to cut the cost of cooking to 40p a head

"The store cupboard is your best friend. It’s a brilliant library of non-perishable items that have the ability to make lots of delicious, nutritious meals on a budget"

Six things I learned working in a kebab shop and serving drunks at 2am

It felt like it was either threats to kill or will you marry me?

Chef shares 'comforting' crumble recipe using 'nutrient rich' British apples and pears

Apple crumble is one of the most popular British desserts, often flavoured with warming spices like cinnamon and served with sweet, creamy custard. While everyone has their own version of this classic recipe, chef Lisa Marley has shared her unique seasonal twist exclusively with

Wenzel's is Greggs's sophisticated brother and is real threat to the bakery chain's domination

I tried the steak slice at the Woking branch to see how it compares to Greggs's famous steak bake

I try 'the best' sausage roll in UK made by Nottinghamshire chef

You'll be hard pressed to find a better tasting sausage roll, in my opinion

I cooked a whole roast chicken in my air fryer and it was the best recipe

Air fryer convert Laura Nightingale said she would never go back to using an oven

I tried Trinity Market's incredible pizza parlour and was spoilt for choice

Only. serve a range of delicious plant-based pizzas, as well as mac and cheese

The Oldham tapas restaurant that doesn't want you to share

An all-you-can-eat tapas restaurant has opened up on Heyside in Royton - but there are a few rules...

‘You've been eating pizza wrong your whole life - my hack makes taste even better'

Pizza is a dish loved around the world, but one man says that most people eat the dish "the wrong way".

Komatsuna: Can you eat too much? Get advice from experts.

Quantity recommendation by Livia Dickson Chen PhD in Nutrition · 11 years of experience · Brazil The common way to consume Komatsuna is fresh leaves, flower buds, and stems are used in a variety of cuisines. Komatsuna can be used in raw salad, cooked with vegetables, with rice and meat. To avoid excesses, one hundred grams a day is enough to enjoy ...

I had brunch at one of the biggest Marks and Spencer Cafés and thought £6 was cheap

M&S has launched a new brunch menu, and Laura Nightingale went to try it out

Jamie Oliver's shares his top kitchen store cupboard essential ingredients

Jamie Oliver has revealed his "can't do without" cupboard essentials that will save you money when cooking during the current financial squeeze. Chickpeas, beans, or pulses, as well as tinned tomatoes and flour, were rated as key ingredients, while chilli sauce, curry paste, and pesto were also said to be brilliant for transforming humble staples.

11 best Cognacs to drink in 2023

11 best Cognacs to drink in 2023 - Coveted by royalty and the A-list

Bakers in furious row over proper way to make a sourdough

Any artisan baker knows that sourdough thrives on its simplicity. But now a furious row has risen, as bread makers stand accused of changing the recipe rulebook into a “cheats’ charter”. Six national baker groups have published the long-awaited “UK baking industry code of practice for the labelling of sourdough bread and rolls”, the first guidance ...

Cost of living: Jamie Oliver reveals 30 food cupboard essentials he ‘can’t do without’ that save money

Jamie Oliver reckons you can create meals from as little as 40p per head - and no more than £1 a portion - using these items as a base during the financial squeeze.

Professional FAQs: What is a good substitute to coriander?

Expert opinion from Hannah Purtle Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics · 1 years of experience · No Coriander can be substituted for a range of herbs and spices. These include cumin, garam masala, basil, parsley, mixed herbs or curry powder. → See more questions and expert answers related to Coriander. → Love Coriander? Get nutritional facts, tips f...

I went to Sainsbury's for a bargain shop and got caught in security alert and a row over beans

A blazing row over baked beans, the security alerts over chicken and thinking about whether I can actually make a meal left me confused

Best restaurant in Montreal according to Tripadvisor does not exist

It’s notoriously difficult to secure a table at the world’s greatest restaurant, but diners hoping to sample the cuisine at Le Nouveau Duluth in Montreal will have an especially hard time. That’s not only because, until recently, it had the highest Tripadvisor rating of the city’s 3,678 listed eateries – although reviews on the website suggest its menu is beyond belief. “Can’t believe this place really exists,” wrote one reviewer. Not...

CRAIG BROWN: Waiter, there's a prawn in my grapefruit!

CRAIG BROWN: To tie in with the TV drama Nolly, which starts tonight, I have been leafing through my messy old copy of The Crossroads Cookbook, first published in 1977.

Malibu Now Comes In Peach Flavour!

It's coming in canned cocktail form too 🍑

Morrisons Valentine’s Day meal day is here: Get £30 worth of food for half the price

Morrisons Valentine’s Day meal day is here: Get £30 worth of food for half the price - From beef wellington to vegan brownies, everyone is catered for with the supermarket’s menu

Pascale’s Kitchen: Ti Bishvat dried fruit treats

This year, I’ve chosen three fantastic recipes for desserts made with fruit that are perfect for serving on Tu Bishvat.

Genius fried egg hack to flip them perfectly and never break the yolk

Sick of breaking the yolk when you flip your fried egg? Never do it again with this hack.

Notto, London W1: ‘Pasta is safe in these chefs’ hands’

One challenge for the weekly restaurant reviewer is that several times a year you’re expected to produce riveting prose on the basic art of eating pasta in a room painted in contrasting beiges. Not that I’m complaining about eating pasta; it’s almost unthinkable not to worship the stuff. Pasta is so delicious that I’ve even heard modern nutritionists describe it as more of a “social activity” than mere sustenance: all those lovely, starchy carbs...

Seven hot drinks to warm the cockles this winter

Seven hot drinks to warm the cockles this winter - From homemade Chai to vegan cocoa cassis, these brews will take the chill off

Scottish whisky news - New peated and sherry whiskies to try this winter

If big, bold flavours are your thing in whisky, then there are some stellar new releases to enjoy.

New York Times torn to shreds after sharing its take on a classic Italian recipe which 'should be illegal'

This probably wouldn't cut it in Italy

Why You Should Make Your Lunch a Long One

Nothing says existential despair like an al desko sandwich

Limescale buildup in kettles uses ‘25% more energy' - ‘Best way' to remove it all ‘easily'

If kettles are not descaled regularly, not only can they become corroded and end up having a short life span, they can impact your energy bills.

Loaf Far Headingley review: We tried the family-owned café with a great brunch menu

The little café gets most of its ingredients from local suppliers

This three-course menu is quick and easy to make – and includes my credit-crunch ice cream

Whipping up a quick and easy menu doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Cooking is all about confidence – cooking one good ingredient well, without messing about with it too much, says an awful lot. It’s all too easy to buy a prime cut then lose it among other ingredients. I don’t like to over-complicate food anyway, preferring not to put...

Mini air fryer croissants that are ready for breakfast in just eight minutes

If you're looking for an easy, quick and delicious breakfast recipe, you've come to the right place. Here's how to make adorable mini croissants in just eight minutes

Chef shares ‘easy' technique to make the ‘most perfect poached egg' every time

Poached eggs aren't difficult to make if you understand the science behind an egg, a chef has claimed.

Modern take on honey mead unveiled as 'refreshing alternative' to white wine

"So good, the contents of the bottle mysteriously vanished in one day?"

You can get a two foot Love Sausage for Valentine's Day for £3.49

The sausage is stuffed with melting cheese

8 brilliant ways to waste less food

These food waste busting tricks are simple yet effective!

We tried one of the cheapest fry ups in Grimsby

The Courtyard Cafe offers an excellent breakfast at just £4.50

How you can cut your alcohol consumption by half – but still drink wine

Do you check the alcohol percentage (abv – alcohol by volume) of a wine before you buy? If so, you are not alone. ‘Slightly lower alcohol is one of the two biggest trends we are dealing with in wine,’ says Patrick McGrath, CEO of wine importer Hatch Mansfield (the other, in case you are wondering, is ‘managing limitations on stock’, including those...

How to make the perfect Yorkshire puddings at home

Who doesn't love a Yorkshire Pudding?

Dorset's best bakeries for breakfast or coffee and a cake

Cornwall is the best place to get baked goods in Dorset, apparently

Sainsbury’s £15 Valentine’s Day meal deal includes wine, gin and tonic, and a vegan antipasti platter

Sainsbury’s £15 Valentine’s Day meal deal includes wine, gin and tonic, and a vegan antipasti platter - The three-course meal is accompanied by a side dish and drink

I tried to find breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Cardiff for £5 per meal and staying within budget was a tricky task

Rising costs faced by restaurants make eating cheap in the capital a challenge but there are still plenty of great deals out there